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In the exhibition space, the authors create an imaginary reception room of a magic corporation, the activity of which is aimed at improving people's lives and finding the true path to their desires. The corporation's name is inspired by the ideologies of two people named Mark Fisher: the British cultural theorist, author of Capitalist Realism, and the bestselling author of The Instant Millionaire, a book about the path to personal and financial success, a true Canadian millionaire.

To achieve its goal, the corporation uses innovative analytical systems that are designed to solve longterm and urgent problems using artificial intelligence.

Guided by their personal mythology filled with mysterious figures of millionaires, customers and partners, the artists build their world of imaginary intercorporate ethics, balancing, from project to project, on the border of the real.

The online part of the project is available at the link below

We choose this work because our common interests as a group intersected and acquired readable contours. It was as if an important process had taken place, revealing the main themes, motives and narratives that cemented our desire to be and to work with each other. While working on this particular project, we chose our name "Vorozheya", which is the same name of our first "product". We became a corporation, we traced a certain corporatism in ourselves, dictated not least by the events in the world - organising Skype and Zoom calls, finding ways to connect with each other and the people who would be helping us, assigning tasks, looking for options for work optimization, drawing up personal deadlines and holding business meetings at McDonald's. We tracked this dynamic in our relationship and captured it in the group's concept by incorporating ourselves into the body of the Magic Fisher project. Thus, we became the executors, contractors of the imaginary Millionaire, the conductors of his ideas.
  This project is expressive from the point of view of its technical aspect and demonstrates our capabilities very well, together with our interest in various mediums and instruments. While in our previous project "Vorozheya" we contained ourselves only within the framework of a website, this time we ventured out to explore the physical space, using ceramic and stone sculptures, installations, aroma diffusers, a processed playlist by Fisher (the philosopher), found objects, such as books and paintings, business cards, brochures, posters and feng shui of office aesthetics. The key element of the project is the website, which immerses the viewer into the paranoid state, facing the neural network, which we trained on the books of both of the Fishers.
  The work consistently collected our worries of everyday life in the modern world - corporate ethics, socio-cultural characteristics in the times of Late-Late capitalism, the ideology of success and efficiency, achievement, the threatening and medieval connection between technology, artificial intelligence and household (auxiliary) magic. These are the troubling questions that we cannot answer unequivocally and firmly. Who is better? Which Mark Fisher will lead us to happiness, if it can even be considered a reference point for meaningful life at all? On the one hand, there is the story of a heterosexual single man, his paranoia and suspicion of every structure in which you have to participate one way or another, which subsequently leads to depression and total disorientation in the world. On the other hand, there is a corporate-homosexual story, like all connections in the business world, and dizzying promises and horizons that may cruelly fail to come true – and yet, there is always, always a tiny chance.

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