Project of the parallel program of the 1st Komi Biennale Syktyvkar

Video. "Can" 15 min.2021 year.
Time heals through the destruction of the material bearers of memory, be it human consciousness or a ruin in the forest. В In order to save thinking, facts are reduced to a certain standardized
mythologeme - thereby they lose their uniqueness, flowing along the same paths. In contrast, objects subjected to forgotten, deprived of information about their purpose, become in superposition, sweeping across the plane of time without like an imaging machine with no possibility of stopping. By releasing the element..,
which you could not catch, you can feel the contours of the object rattling in becoming- by enumerating
simultaneously all the possible variations of what a ruined stop could have been. The video uses 3D scans of
of found objects at the former labor camp of the 501st construction site at Station 141 Km "Red Stone"

screenshot from video

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